Today, Confluence is joining Jira in offering the Data Center deployment option. Data Center was designed to meet the needs of our largest customers providing the performance at scale, high availability and instant scalability they need for business critical applications.

Talking with our largest customers, we’ve learned that as Confluence adoption grows within an organization, teams become more dependent on it to share and find information, collaborate with each other, and get work done. If Confluence slows down or becomes unavailable, team productivity grinds to a halt.

How is Data Center different?

The Data Center deployment option complements our Server and Cloud offerings and is designed to run in your data center. It provides the high availability, instant scalability and performance at scale that enterprise customers need.

High Availability

Data Center provides high availability with active-active clustering to ensure users have uninterrupted access to critical applications in the event of unexpected hardware failure. Should something happen to one of the application nodes, your users will failover over to a redundant node without interruption to service. You can also use load balancing technology to distribute users and the load across your data center cluster.

Confluence Data Center Performance
Confluence Data Center Performance

 Performance at Scale

We’ve often heard that as the size of the teams using Confluence grows, they begin to see performance degradation. Data Center increases capacity for concurrent users without sacrificing performance, and increases application throughput to avoid performance degradation in the event of load spikes. This ensures the highest quality of service for your teams.

Instant Scalabiity

For growing teams, Data Center also gives you instant scalability by allowing you to add nodes without taking the system offline. Because Data Center platforms are licensed by user and not per server or CPU like other solutions, your costs remain predictable as you grow.

How can I find out more about Confluence Data Center?

Check out more information online or watch a recording of our recent Confluence Data Center webinar.

If you’d like to find out whether Confluence Data Center is right for your organization, reach out to your Expert Partner or  Contact us

Confluence Data Center is available now!