Many companies begin their Jira journey by running it on a server under someone’s desk. This is typically a short-lived situation – After someone inadvertently unplugs that machine one too many times, the Jira instance gets moved to the company data center. We hear this story all the time. And for many of the IT teams inheriting a system like this, they have many needs that go well beyond the capabilities of a single server application.

We have listened to our largest customers, and today we’re proud to introduce our latest Atlassian Enterprise offerings. They’re designed to provide you with mission-critical products, premier support, and strategic services to help you get the most out of your Atlassian applications.

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You’ve got options

The newest Atlassian deployment option is called Data Center, and it’s available today for Jira and coming soon for Confluence. The Data Center deployment option complements our existing Cloud and Server options (formerly OnDemand and Download).

Atlassian Deployment Options

What is Data Center?

As the name implies, the Data Center deployment option is designed for high availability and performance at scale when hosting our applications in your own data center.


image2014-7-3 16-59-42High availability

The Data Center deployment option provides active-active clustering to ensure users have uninterrupted access to critical applications in the event of unexpected hardware failure. Distribute load across your cluster utilizing any load-balancing technology – hardware or software based. You can also integrate with industry standard technologies for database clustering and shared files systems to eliminate single points of failure in your architecture.


performance-graphPerformance at scale

Each node in your Data Center cluster increases concurrent user capacity without sacrificing performance. During controlled load testing in our performance lab, we found a near linear capacity increase using 2 and 4 node clusters when compared to a single Jira Server with the same response time. This added capacity provides greater resilience in the event of spikes in usage.


Instant scaleInstant scalability

The Data Center cluster is architected to allow for new nodes to be added without taking the system offline. To add a node to a Jira Data Center cluster, simply install Jira and update the configuration file to make it part of the cluster. This allows you to quickly add capacity as usage grows.


Pricing and licensing

The Data Center deployment options for Jira and Confluence are each $24,000/year for every 1,000 users. Existing server add-on licenses are compatible as long as the user tier is greater than or equal to that of the Data Center product.

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Enterprise services

In addition to the Jira and Confluence Data Center products, we’re also introducing a new set of enterprise services and support programs designed to help your teams succeed.

Premier Support

This account-level Premier Support offering provides access to a dedicated team of senior support engineers with enhanced SLAs and availability. This team has intimate knowledge of your environment in order to quickly address and manage critical incidents.

Premier Support is available for $35,000/year.

Technical Account Management

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your trusted advisor and single point of contact helping you get the most from your Atlassian investment. A TAM provides 1:1 guidance to assist with operational activities, governance, and strategic planning. 

A Technical Account Manager is available 1 day per week for $60,000/year.

Enterprise partners

Our network of Atlassian Experts includes over 30 authorized enterprise partners highly trained on our enterprise products and who have experience deploying complex solutions. Find the Enterprise Partner that’s right for you.

With the introduction of these new account-level enterprise support and service offerings, the legacy Atlassian Enterprise offerings previously available for Jira, Confluence and Stash will no longer be available for purchase. Please refer to our purchasing FAQ for more details.

To learn more about all of our Atlassian Enterprise services, we invite you to register for our webinar on August 6, 2014.

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We’re very excited for these new products and services to help you and your teams succeed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about Atlassian Enterprise.

Introducing new Atlassian Enterprise offerings