This is the final installment of our Enterprise Offerings webinar series. If you would like to learn more and view recordings of the previous webinars in this series, click here.

Last week, Atlassian hosted the final webinar in its Enterprise Offerings series, “Confluence Data Center: Scaling Collaboration Across the Enterprise.”

The Confluence Data Center beta was recently announced, along with our other enterprise offerings. While Confluence Data Center is coming soon, Premier Support, Technical Account Management  and Jira Data Center are currently available.

Atlassian’s Matt Schenck, Enterprise Product Advocate, took attendees through an overview of our Enterprise Offerings before taking a deep dive into the Confluence Data Center deployment option and how it better meets the needs of large organizations. This included:

  • How Confluence Data Center is built for the enterprise
  • How it provides the high availability and scalability required in large organizations
  • How to easily implement Confluence Data Center in your organization

Following the webinar, attendees were given a chance to ask the technical team questions about Confluence Data Center and how to implement it.

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For anyone interested in Confluence Data Center, this video is a must-see. Also, if you attended the webinar, please note there is additional information on high availability in the recording around 7:40.


Here are some highlights from the Q&A, which begins at 14:40 in the video:

Is the product available now?

Confluence Data Center is currently in beta. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding general availability.

How can we sign up for the Confluence Data Center beta?

Please contact your Enterprise Advocate, Expert Partner or fill out this form.

How does licensing work if I purchase both Confluence and Jira Data Center?

Pricing for these products is handled individually. The cost is $24,000 per product per 1,000 users. User numbers don’t need to match for the different products. For example, you can have a license for 2,000 users on Confluence and 1,000 users on Jira.

Are we able to reallocate licenses to new users if someone leaves the organization?

Yes, just like our Server license, you would be able to reallocate that license to a new user.

Is there a pricing discount for users with a current active server license?

There is special pricing for users with an active Server license. Please contact your Enterprise Advocate, Expert Partner or fill out this form for more information.

What about companies with less than 1,000 users?

At this time, the offering is focused on customers with 1,000 users or more. These users have experienced more growing pains and will see the most benefit from using Data Center.

Are plug-ins supported?

Today, there are 30+ supported plug-ins for Data Center in Marketplace, and that number continues to grow. The plug-ins can easily be identified by the “Data Center” icon within Marketplace. Contact your plug-in developer to understand when an individual plug-in will be supported and for questions regarding pricing.

Will the Data Center deployment option improve resiliency between sites?

At this time, Confluence Data Center requires all nodes in the data center to be co-located. Teams who are further away from the data center may not benefit as much from the performance increase. The best way to test performance is with an evaluation.

Can Data Center support both NAS and SAN configurations?

It can support either configuration.

Will Confluence Data Center support indexing between nodes?

No, all nodes are maintained in their own index.

What service and support is available for Data Center?

While Data Center comes with our standard support, we recommend taking a look Premier Support and Technical Account Management to ensure you have business critical support for all your Atlassian applications.

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Confluence Data Center Webinar Recap