The major redesign in Confluence 5 has had a trickle down effect on the way a lot of features work, and in turn, the way we work. At most companies sharing files often involves a maze of shared network drives and countless emails. We like to avoid email and shared drives as much as possible, so we often embed documents in Confluence pages for sharing with teammates.

Just like the status macro, Confluence 5 laid the foundation for some amazing improvements to the way we preview files and documents in Confluence pages. A perfect example is the new and improved document viewer, now with HTML5 goodness – no flash required.

Goodbye Flash, hello HTML5

The new HTML5 document viewer delivers three big improvements to the way you view PowerPoint and PDF files within Confluence:

  1. No More Flash – Thanks to HTML5 your content loads faster and can be viewed on a wider range of devices.
  2. Timeline View – Quickly preview other slides and see the progress of your presentation with the slideshow timeline.
  3. Full-Screen Mode – Switch to full-screen mode, with a single click – perfect for presenting and reviewing presentations during meetings.
New HTML5 Document Viewer in Confluence 5.1
New HTML5 Document Viewer in Confluence 5.1

All-new attachments macro

While we were at it we gave some major love to the attachments macro. Not only is it a lot cleaner, but you can now expand each file in the attachments list to:

  • Preview the attachment inline, without leaving the page.
  • See the attachment’s labels and version history.
  • Edit or remove the attachment.
New Attachments Macro in Confluence 5.1
New Attachments Macro in Confluence 5.1

Confluence 5.1 is coming soon

We’re only days away from the big release. The improvements we’ve covered over the last two weeks are just the tip of the iceberg, seriously.

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Look Mom, No Flash: New HTML5 Document Viewer in Confluence 5.1