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At Atlassian we use Confluence for everything. We store and distribute reports, meeting agendas, specifications, project plans, company announcements, and all the other content our teams create. For us, team collaboration is Confluence.

Confluence’s secret sauce, so-to-speak, is its editor, which is as intuitive for new users as it is powerful for hardcore content creators. So, whoever you are, creating compelling content is fast and easy. Check out two key editing features key to creating content at Atlassian.

Spice Up Your Pages with Images

Plain pages with just text or tables can be boring. If you want to really capture the attention of your co-workers, you’ll want to add some eye candy to your pages. The Gallery Macro is key to creating a page that pops. Simply add a collection of images to your Confluence page, add the Gallery Macro, and let Confluence transform your assortment into a beautiful collage. It’s that easy.

Bring Attached Files to the Surface

Whether you’d like to compliment the list of files that make up your gallery, or you’re hoping to create a light-wight file repository, it’s easy to make the attachments of a Confluence page readily accessible to anyone using the Attachments Macro. Sharing files with your team could not be any easier.

3 Ways to Share Images in Confluence

With these two macros at your disposal, you’ll be creating engaging content in no time. Here’s a look at 3 quick ways we use the gallery and attachment macros at Atlassian to share images using Confluence:

1. Marketing Assets

Give your design or interactive team a break by creating a page to house all of your company logos. When Marketing or PR needs a logo for a launch, they can go to the page and find the logo they are looking for.

2. Web Page Mockups

You can keep all your web page mockups on one page, so it’s easy to provide feedback. When you want to compare versions of your mockups, just browse through your attached images as a slideshow.

3. Company Event Pages

Treasure all of your company’s memories in Confluence pages. Why use a photo sharing app when you can create a beautiful image gallery that everyone can access.

Just Two Clicks Away

Did we mention how easy it is to add image galleries and file lists to your page? Just use the Insert menu in the Confluence editor.

Try it today

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How To: 3 Ways to Share Images in Confluence