Between excessive emails, pointless meetings, and constant interruptions it’s no wonder teams struggle to get any work done these days. A lot of time is wasted at work, and it has a huge impact on your team’s productivity.

Team Collaboration Software Time Wasted

Shocking right? To make matters worse it’s likely that you’re constantly working with teammates in other timezones and you’re spending more and more time away from your desk. Work has become a lifestyle whether we like it or not. We’re forced to work outside of business hours to make up for the time lost during the work day. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this mess. There’s a more productive way to work.

Productivity has a new home

Give your team one place to track and take action on the tasks they need to get work done, everywhere they go. Discover a working environment where teams can rely less on email, avoid pointless meetings, and rediscover productivity. A place where every day is a productive day.

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Trade your inbox for WorkBox

Let me guess, you spend most of your day drowning in email? Then you’re stuck in back-to-back meetings that go nowhere. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends and it stops you and your team from getting real work done.

Team Collaboration Software Email and Meeting Statistics

It’s time to get out of email and into Confluence where you can focus on the task at hand. New in Confluence 4.3, WorkBox gives you one place to track everything your need to do your job, a re-imagined notification and activity system, available from everywhere within Confluence and directly integrated with email. Best of all it’s accessible from Confluence Mobile so you can take all of your work everywhere you go and be productive from anywhere.

Team Collaboration Software Confluence WorkBox

1. Stay in sync with Notifications

Put an end to context-switching with instant access to all your important notifications in WorkBox. No more checking email and getting stuck in your inbox, WorkBox automatically aggregates @mentions, shared pages, comments on, and replies-to the content you watch. WorkBox makes it easy to stay in sync with what your team is working on anytime, anywhere.

Team Collaboration Software Confluence Notifications

2. Reach decisions faster with In-line Actions

Wouldn’t it be great if working with your team didn’t mean one meeting after the next? Confluence makes it easy to brainstorm remotely and continue conversations asynchronously. Now you can take immediate action on all your important notifications in WorkBox and keep work moving forward. It’s easy to add a notification to your task list in WorkBox as a reminder to get back to it later – perfect for those times when you’re heads-down focused on another task.

Team Collaboration Software Confluence In-line Actions

3. Stay focused with Tasks

Face it, we’ve all tried them…task management apps. You get all excited thinking you’re going to be instantly more productive. You create a laundry list of all the tasks you need to get done, and then what happens? Nothing. Just like email, these apps silo your tasks away from where you actually get work done. At the end of the day, tasks are useless without context.

Tasks in Confluence are different. They’re contextual. Whether they’re assigned to you from a page, created from a notification, or a personal task you’ve created yourself, Confluence Tasks help you stay on-track and deliver real results.

Team Collaboration Software Confluence Tasks

Team Collaboration Software Confluence Manage Tasks

4. Be productive everywhere with Confluence Mobile

When’s the last time you spent all day at your desk? Work is becoming increasingly mobile and as a result you need quick access to your teammates, their activity, and your work on-the-go. Confluence WorkBox is 100% mobile ready. There’s no need to install anything, just visit Confluence in Mobile Safari from your iOS device and start being productive no matter where you are.

Team Collaboration Software Confluence Mobile Content

Team Collaboration Software Confluence Mobile Notifications

Team Collaboration Software Confluence Mobile Tasks

One more thing…

While Confluence 4.3 is full of headline hogging features let’s not forget the 960+ customer votes it’s satisfied with sortable tables, a new editor for creating page templates, domain-restricted sign-ups, space archiving, and more.

What are you waiting for?

Confluence 4.3 with all its WorkBox and mobile goodness is available today.

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