Encouraging collaboration that leads to the inception of brilliant ideas and even better results requires two processes. It starts with content creation – someone creates a wiki page or blog post to form ideas, specifications, project plans, or anything else. That content then needs to be discovered by other people or team members. Others can be pulled into Confluence via Share notifications and @mentions. This is when the real magic happens.

Engage Everyone. Realize Results.

The fundamental idea behind a wiki is that a group can achieve more than an individual. More brain power means better results. Confluence 4.2 speeds up your team’s feedback loop by removing the friction between viewing content and providing feedback generating richer conversations and producing better results, together.

Add Comments, Quickly

Contributing ideas, starting conversations, and providing feedback just got a whole lot faster with Quick Comments. The power of Confluence’s editor is just a click away as it loads instantly, enabling everyone on your team to get involved in rich, threaded-discussions. Sharing images, embedded videos, and linking to related content has never been this easy.

Confluence Comments and Likes

‘Like’ Content in One-Click

There are times when you want to dive deep into a conversation, and there are times when you just want to give something your stamp of approval. Enter Confluence ‘Likes’. Perfect for acknowledging the work of others, seconding a great idea, and agreeing with the feedback of others. Liking Confluence pages, blog posts, and comments is just a click away.

Watch and see how quick and easy it is to join the conversations happening in Confluence.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3iWFxpfsFY]

If it’s Popular, it’s Probably Important

Quick Comments and Likes don’t just encourage greater participation and user engagement, they also help users discover content that’s most important to them. Tune in next week when we’ll dive deeper into how Confluence is helping users discover the content they should know about.

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Ignite Collaboration with Quick Comments and Likes in Confluence 4.2