With our latest and greatest release on the streets, it’s time to take a closer look at the features that make Confluence 4.0 a familiarly social content collaboration experience, for everyone.

Build Your Own Social Network

Think about how you work – usually you work closely with a handful of people everyday – people in your immediate team, direct reports, and stakeholders in other teams. Just like Twitter, you can follow these people in Confluence to build you own ‘Network‘.


Follow Email Notifications

When someone follows you in Confluence 4.0 you’ll receive an email notification so you can quickly check out their profile and follow them right back – if you want to Smile


Stay On Top of Your Network’s Activity

Once you’ve built a network of the people you work closest with, it’s easy to stay up-to-date with what they are working on with the Network Activity Stream:

  • View your Network’s status updates, page edits, new blog posts, and more
  • Subscribe to your Network’s Activity via RSS
  • Choose to receive email notifications for any updates from users in your Network


Bring Your Network to Life with @mentions

Wouldn’t it be great if connecting users to content they should know about was as easy as mentioning them as you edit a page or add a comment? Well, now you can!

You’ll most likely be familiar with @mentions from using social sites Twitter and Facebook. With the world becoming increasingly social online, we felt it was time to bring a social aspect to the work environment that not only fosters collaboration, but also cohesion.


@mentions extend Confluence’s social capabilities that make it incredibly easy, and intuitive, to keep everyone in the loop, and connect content with the right people. It’s perfect for assigning tasks, distributing meeting minutes and directing questions to people who know the answers.

Confluence-Mentions-Email Notifications.png

See @mentions in Action


Try Confluence 4.0 Today

Confluence 4.0 makes it easier to coordinate on projects, new releases, and product launches, so you and your team are always on the same page.

Confluence 4.0 Makes Social Collaboration Easy for Everyone